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I have lived in the “New Golden Fleece” for the past month. The staff have been very good, eager, conscientious and very honest. The quality of the meals has been very high. It has been a pleasant stay and a pleasure to know the people associated with the “New Golden Fleece”.

This expedition has just finished a seven week stay on the Nagin Lake, where it came to study the behaviour of the common kingfisher. Throughout this time we have all been most excellently cooked after by Mr.Abdul Rahman Ratta and his family on the ‘Montana’ Where I had the pleasure of spending several weeks last year.
We were very much avoided in our studies by the kind loan of two Shakira’s and the knowledge that meals would be prepared for us on time when we would return between field trips. In particular, great care and consideration was taken in the preparation of our food –all of which was excellent and pleasantly visited.
We are grateful to him also for organising and taking us on a most enjoyable trip to Gulmarg.
We have no hesitation in recommending Mr.A Ratta to anyone wishing for a reliable and trustworthy host in Kashmir.

The undersigned have lived on the New Colombo houseboat from 1st June 1967 to 15 Oct and from 1st May 68 to 14 May 1968.
During this time we have found the Kashmiri family to be honest, trustworthy and reliable.
The service has been satisfactory and the food has been prepared and served in a sanitary manner.

Thank you for the letter you sent last month, and I would like to wish you a very HAPPY AND PROSPERCUS NEW YEAR.
I enclose some photographs which I took of the boat and which you wanted me to send. There are several others which I will send later, but I need to have some copies made of them.
I am trying to find some Japanese people who want to come to Kashmir and stay on your houseboat, but it very difficult. Also I have not had time to find the fishing gear that you needed but soon I will get round to it.
How is the weather now in Kashmir; I expect it is very cold and snowy. It is fairly warm here and the sun shines most days.
I really did have a good vacation in Kashmir and hope to return soon; I will let you know for sure when I have decided what to do in the summer.

Further to your letter dated 17th January, confirming houseboat “The New Colombo” for the above named clients.
As Mr.Vinsome has changd his plans slightly, they will now arrive Srinagar Airport on 21st May by flight IC421 from Delhi. Can you now reserve the house boat for 21st May until 30th May 1976 for them.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

This is to inform you that I would like to come to Srinagar with a party of 3 ladies and 2 gents including myself. We would like to stay in Srinagar form 1st June to 15th June, 1979.
I should be deeply grateful to you if you could kindly let me know what would be the reasonably minimum charge per head per day inclusive of food. Please remember that all members of the party are teachers and they will not be in a position to pay a very high rete, had your father been alive, he would have charge me the lowest. I have not stayed in your boat since it was rebuilt. I hope you would let me know as soon as possible, whether the party could be accommodated at the minimum charge and what the charge would be.
I will let you know definitely after hearing from you, whether we would be able to come or not.
With love and salaam

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