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My family and I travelled with Manzoor Bhai from Mantana Tours in December 2011 and had a fabulous trip all round. Mantana delivers exactly what they promise and you can be assured that if you ask for 5 star accommodations that you will receive it in the top hotels that Mantana puts you up in. When we were unhappy with a hotel or had any complaint, we phoned Manzoor Bhai who immediately sorted out our concern and ensured that we were happy.
Mantana structured our tour to suit our individual family needs and we had personal coach and airport transfers to most of the cities we visited. Since out trip, I have recommended Mantana tours to many family and friends, all of whom have also received superior service from Mantana Tours and if I visit our beautiful Motherland, India again, I would without a doubt go through Mantana Tours again. Even after your trip, Manzoor Bhai makes an effort to keep in contact with you and maintain the relationship.

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