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Please consider this a letter of reference for Mr. Manwor Ratta travel agent and coordinator.. My family resides on Vancouver Island, B. C. Canada. Mr. Ratta has been a valuable contact person since my husband and daughter had the pleasure of meeting him and doing business in December 2000. Mr. Ratta provided excellent travel arrangements and organizational details for that trip and subsequent others. My daughter travels to India on a regular basis as a creative director and buyer for an international home decor company based in B.C. She has kept an ongoing business and Friendly relationship with Mr. Ratta over the years. She resides in B.C. and contacted Mr. Ratta when she wished to be married in India in 2007. We put together a group of friends and family, I believe 14 in total, from many different countries, ages and professions to meet with us in New Delhi and travel through the country for a month from Northern India,the wedding being held in joilphur and on to Goa. Mr Ratta managed the wedding arrangements and all the particulars, he accomplished amazing feats of organization, air travel, domestic flights, ground connections, luxury buses, with Fresh water and rest stops. The hotel accomodations were very well received from mid priced to luxury suit. ( the Royal Retreat in Udaipur, , highly recommended and of course the Lake Palace (breathtaking!) The details were all taken care of beautiful’, the wedding was amazing, from the painted elephant, to the jewelled turbans, the fire d,ncers, sparkling pools and indian fairy lights in the garden, right down to graciously presenting individual personal gifts to all the guests! The entire trip was thoughtfully executed from beginning to end. We all felt very happy, safe and secure and well cared for the entire journey. Of course, we saw several wonders of the world in the process and were awe struck by the country and deeply touched by its people! Each and every one of us cried when we left and vowed to return to what we now called ‘our India”, Quite and accomplishment For Mr. Ratta and his crew!!!! Our wedding made the front page of the Rajasthani Times in full color, the headline read “just like a Bollywood Movie” in hindi and the story was picked up by local tv and became the news story of the year on the westcoast! Oh yfs, indeed, we highly recommend Mr. Ratta, his team and his exceptional abilities for any travel arrangements you would like to make!! India, is a dream, fantastical, spirtival and truly transformative! It gets under your skin and calls you to come back sooner than you ever thought! Mr. Ratta, remains a friend and colleague, a lovely man with charisma and strong business acumen. Do travel with hint, for a positive, life expanding experience! Yours truly, Diana and Piara Lagah, Interior Designer and retail shop owners for 19 years.

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