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thank you for your letter of May, 24. I passed the letter on to Mr. James and I understand that he has since written to you and confirmed the booking on your houseboat. I guess he has told you that he be arriving by air
My plans at present are to travel to Bombay and then to fly up to Kashmir as soon as possible if all goes well we should arrive on the 4th. or 5th. July.’
Please find enclosed a few fishing hooks and float., I hone you do not have to nay customs duty or. them. I’hooe you find them usefnl. I an not sure if I will be able to bring many other things for you,,Irat I will try.. The trouble i, that there is a weigh* limit on aircraft and if one has ha,gage that is over-weight, then we have to nay large sums of money to have it transported. Yours sincerelY,

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