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My wife and I, with our two “youngsters” age 16 and 18 ,will be visiting Srinagar from July 21 to July 26, 1959. On the recommendation of my good friends Dr. & Mrs. Dubin who stayed with you during their visit in 1957, I am requesting accommadations on your 4 roomed H.B. Special Class for the time of our stay. We are looking forward to your wonderful hospitality and service as described to us by our friends.
At the suggestion of the local San Francisco India Tourist Office I have also addressed a letter to the Director of Tourism in Srinagar, telling of my note to you. This, if you should bgl„unable to accommodate us we will be booked elsetrere. via vaiD0MA YiALLN a isa4IROn FTgi”‘ precis. “e your earliest possible reply.

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